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Travel Icons

Traveling the world - one icon at a time!

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For all your travel icon needs!
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Icons from around the world! All travel icon makers welcome!
Community Rules
Travel Icons is an open community, and anyone can join as well as create icons! Please read the rules before posting and WELCOME!

(1) Travel & Travel Related Icons / Headers / Brushes / Friends Only Banners & Layouts only, please! This goes for previews too. Any previews / posts that are NOT travel related will be deleted.

(2) Credit the icon maker. Don't know how? Ask.

(3) Be respectful of all members, and please, no drama! If you start drama, the mod will finish it by banning you :) We're all "adults" here - lets act like it!

(4) No hotlinking

(5) All entries will be tagged, so they can be searched for without hassle.

(6) Feel free to link the post to your icon journal *ONLY* if it is an open journal (vs. friends only). DO NOT link a post to a locked journal, the post will be deleted

Care enough to PIMP the very best? Use the banner below, just copy and paste them in your user info ;)

pink_cosmos, nature_icontest, travel_icontest, sissypoet, icon_makers, reversescollide, scenic_icontest, gardeniadust

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